Team behind Dancing Day

Every person working on Dancing Day has contributed their unique way.

Their talent was my inspiration.

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After 7 years of short films and music videos it was time to step up.

With five thousand pounds and no script I threw myself into uncharted waters.  Experience like no other. 

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Beatriz Delgado Mena / Director of photography

Beatriz Delgado Mena, DoP based in London and Spain, is always searching for that kind of magic that creates goosebumps and captures that single moment that connects audience with action.

Director of photography of three feature films and many other types of projects, she loves filmmaking and is always up for the experimentation that films like Dancing Day aims for

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Clive Saunders

Clive Saunders was born and raised in London and has worked in film and theatre as an actor writer and director

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Lisa Ronkowski

Lisa Ronkowski is an Actress from Yorkshire working in London. She is Artistic Director of Off The Wall Theatre Company and member of Equity UK Trade Union and The Actors Centre. Lisa has a particular love and interest in gritty hard-hitting dramas and social documentaries.


Benjamin Feitelson

Benjamin Feitelson is a British actor trained at the Conservatoire National Supérieur D'art Dramatique in Paris and with Jack Waltzer. 

His first appearance was in Superman (dir. Richard Donner). He also acted in Revolver (dir. Guy Ritchie) and now he stars in and co-produced  The Skin Territory trilogy directed and produced by Jean Louis Daniel. Coming soon. 

See IMDb for full filmography:

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Vincent La Torre

Vincent La Torre started acting at the age of 13 when he was playing the part of Vincent in the TV show "Les Filles Dʼà Côté". Later he enters the Jack Waltzerʼs workshop who teaches him the actorʼs studio method. 


Most importantly, in 2016, he took a small role in the American film Allied directed by Robert Zemeckis, in which he plays alongside Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt.


Adam Chládek

Born and raised in Brno, the capital of Great Moravia, his fantasy stories and horror films reflect Bohemian folklore and its roots in fairytales and magical beings. 

He formed his acting skills on the stage from early age and continues to do so as he stars in the short films such as 'Pety', 'Feeders' and now in the feature film 'Dancing Day'. 

Adam and his fellow filmmakers founded a film collective across The Czech Republic called 'Máš Moc'. Currently he is working on a mystery horror in the heart of Europe as a writer-director. 

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Iggy Blanco

Spanish born, living between London and LA.

Started in the modelling industry but quickly made the move into acting.

He is a bar and restaurant designer as well and he uses his acting influences in his designs, making venues that look like movie sets. One of his recent designs is the Breaking Bad cocktail bar.

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Tomas Hrbek

He started at Hradec Kralove Opera House as a singer touring America and Canada. 

Through experimentation with film and creating numerous horror projects, he established himself in the Brno's film underground as one of the rising stars of free-flow acting. 

He's highly expected project in collaboration with long-time friend and filmmaker Adam Chladek will be filmed in the summer of 2018. It will be the first Czech feature film acted in the free-flow form. 

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Kamil Iwanowicz


Documentary and fiction director, DP and colorist, knows nothing.