Moe (Test screening)

Dancing Day reminds me of how drug users are often ostracized from community and misunderstood, and that's of course because the drug user while seemingly being incoherent is actually viewing the world from a different lens. The kids understood that, so that's why they saw a mentor in the main protagonist. I wish it was a bit longer actually to get a feel of how the end pans out. But I guess you're leaving it to our imaginations! The only thing I'd do differently is the beginning of the film, I'd elaborate more about the plot and how all those people came together. I think you need to reel your audience into your mood and level of intoxication, gradually. The rest is impeccable. Love the cast, the film locations and the randomness of the events. Makes it's very unpredictable! It was really intriguing, and very funny in a subtle way. I loved the scene from 5:30-6:00. I would definitely make that the trailer. Absolutely hilarious!