Fotis (Test screening)

Your films are very personal. It is as if you found out a substantial truth about life and you want to share it. It seems that there is a mark that made an impression so deep to you that it seeps in your art. There is passion and honesty in your film. There is a declaration of freedom. You take the tools of cinematic language and you try to reinvent a new one that make sense for you. It doesn't always work on screen, but you only need practice and self reflection. The path that you chose is a path that others before you have paved. Terence Malick, David Lynch, Danny Boyle, Quentin Tarantino, Nick Casavetes, Godard, Martin Scorsese only to name a few. The images you create with your actors, often they are powerful and haunting. There are details that create content only by themselves. As is the Nixon/Agnew t-shirt. I found the use of dialogue extensive at times. When you don't have a script there is a danger that the actor can drag the moment for a bit and weaken its effect. Nevertheless, the performances are fresh and loyal to your vision. The use of music threw me off frequently. Most of the scenes where the song plays through out, feel like a video clip. Like the scene was made to compliment the song, not the other way around. Sometimes is better to score a film, with original music or even classic music, instrumental, or just a sound design that will recreate the mood you want to convey to the audience. Also the use of voice over narration could weaken a powerful scene. For instance you have a beautiful transition with a car running under a tunnel at night. The sequence is so breathtakingly shot that the narration talking about hell is not needed. It is already indicated by the shot where the heroes heading. I think all the film is summed up by the protagonist exclaiming: "I don't know what I want. I''m making it as I go along." Well that is indeed a fact of life. Sometimes we don't care about the destination and we just enjoy the ride.